Donate to Impact Analysis

Help small nonprofits do more with data

Through our partnership with PVBLIC Foundation - a 501c3 coordinating public and private projects to tackle big problems around the world - your gift supports long-term, impactful program development in organizations doing great things for MilVets.

Questions? Answers! A few FAQs about the Fund

Pathfinder Labs is on a mission to make unbiased, AI-driven analysis accessible to every Veteran and Military community nonprofit - from the big names with thousands of members to the tiny service dog trainers. The more every organization can visualize and understand their impact, the more effective programs will become.

Small to medium-sized organizations - those with total assets under $10 million, per the IRS - and select programs within those organizations often can't afford impact assessments at all: they don't have the personnel, technology, or expertise to get useful and accurate data. This not only limits their ability to regularly identify program inefficiencies or maximize their offerings, but can even limit their ability to qualify for the grants needed for great programs to grow.

The Veteran Impact Donor Fund distributes grants to small and medium MilVet nonprofits who are looking to use validated, unbiased metrics that will allow them to do more. Your gift will allow them to:

  • Engage participants through closed feedback loops, a process known to increase the likelihood that a provided service will be seen as effective.
  • Receive quantitative assessments of how programs impact participant wellness, including calculations for stress and anxiety, loneliness, resilience, and more.
  • Gain AI-driven, organizational psychology-backed insights and suggestions for ways to efficiently increase program effectiveness with those they serve.

Why should I give to supporting impact analysis?
Donating to impact analysis helps amplify the effect of a gift to a MilVet nonprofit:
  • It focuses funds to where they are needed most. Impact analysis identifies the critical unmet needs in the local community, allowing the nonprofit to hone in on filling the gaps and increasing their effectiveness.
  • It multiplies avenues of funding. Many foundation and research grants ask for specific measures of impact. In helping the nonprofit get these metrics you greatly increase the number of grants to which they can apply, and increase the chance they will get funding from one or more of these opportunities.
  • It creates a lasting impression. A gift that funds a current program is great, but lasts for the duration of the program. Impact analysis guides the organization towards making efficient changes that will increase the effectiveness of not only the current program but all those that come after.
Please, still give to the charities you love! But splitting your donation budget to include analysis also gives them the means to do more good, for more people, more often.

Okay, but why a fund at all? Why don't the organizations just fundraise for the analysis?
Many nonprofits struggle with overcoming donor access and charity evaluation systems:
  • Donor access is how a nonprofit makes an invidivual donor aware they exist. There are over 40,000 nonprofit programs in the US supporting MilVets, each seeking funding. Small and local organizations have a hard time getting noticed without significant spending.
  • Charity evaluation systems are the metrics nonprofit watchdogs use to score organizations, with many placing a heavy weight on program versus administrative expenses. While this encourages nonprofits to spend as much as possible on programs, things like data analysis, feedback systems, and organizational efficiency improvements (which help create more effective and impactful programs in the long run) are usually considered admin costs and can affect ratings. Big organizations can offset these administrative expenses with additional program spending, but this isn't often the case for nonprofits with a smaller donation pool. (For more information, we wrote a blog on this topic a little while back)
Giving to a Donor Fund - in particular, to this donor fund - addresses these problems: gifts are distributed to smaller organizations focused on improvement and growth without competition or marketing costs, and in proportions designed to offset the program/admin expense ratio.

How does my donation break down?
Here's a rundown of what happens with every gift:
  • ~18% in assorted administration costs:
    • Bank and processing service fees (unless you opted to cover them above, in which case thank you!)
    • Managing fees for PVBLIC to cover their team's costs in establishing, handling, and IRS-ing an endeavor with a higher-than-normal frequency of distributing (and, hopefully, receiving) donations
  • ~82% of every dollar is distributed to the nonprofits as analysis funding goals are met
What can the receiving organization do with a Veterans Impact Donor Fund grant?
Depending on the agreement pre-established with the nonprofit, the grant is structured to cover all or most of the costs for:
  1. A snapshot (short-term) or progressive (longer-term) impact analysis cycle, including all data collection and reports
  2. Establishing and maintaining a supportive feedback environment for the organization's participants:
    • Create small incentive rewards for those who contribute anonymous feedback
    • Allocate time for staff or volunteers to conduct feedback engagement
    • Raise staff awareness on how this system can significantly affect participant wellness
    • Test select program adjustments suggested through the feedback analysis
Do I get any record of what my donation did for the community?
At the end of each year, donors will receive a summary report detailing the organizations funded and the opportunities their gifts created.

What is the connection to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?
PVBLIC Foundation - and our parent Donor Fund - are closely aligned with projects related to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. All of the nonprofits receiving grants from the Pathfinder Veterans Impact Donor Fund must have a focus addressing one or more of these goals. More details on the goals can be found here.

If you would like more information or want to ensure your donation supports a specific program, please send us a note.

What Organizations are Waiting for Your Support?

Here are some of the nonprofits and nonprofit MilVet programs seeking impact analysis.

With a goal to create engagement, facilitate efficient improvements, and develop supportive environments, we aren't looking for the flashiest organizations or perfect programs. We vett (pun mostly intended) and verify each potential grantee - including combing through tax and good standing documents - but also work one-on-one to identify goals and improvement areas before adding them to our list.

These organizations and programs are committed to improving their services through an evidence-based process, getting data-driven suggestions that will increase their operational capability, improve budget efficiency, and - most importantly - identify and meet their participants' needs. All they need is the funds to get started.

You can learn more about the organization or specific MilVet program, including their feedback, by clicking on the organization name.

Each organization is an approved 501c3 charity registered in the United States. The link provided will take you to the IRS record for the organization providing MilVet programming.

Organization Name Mission Description UN SDGs Pathfinder Category Recent 990
De-Cruit Provides Shakespearian theater activities - including training and performance - which is research-proven for reducing stress, anxiety, and increasing interaction and socialization for Veterans and military. 3: Health and Well-Being Arts and Arts-Based Therapies IRS 990
Operation K9 Beethoven Offers fully trained service animals- shelter rescues- for military veterans with psychologist recommendation for a PTSD service dog. 3: Health and Well-Being Service Animal Provider IRS Letter
NYU Veteran Future Labs - Veteran Entrepreneurship Training Program (501c3) Offers 3 stages of multi-week, formal training based on the status of the military/veteran/spouse-owned startup, along with access to thousands of dollars worth of startup consulting, legal, and financial fees. 8: Economic Growth
9: Innovation
Veteran Small Business IRS 990
NYU Veteran Future Labs - Veteran Apex Incubator (501c3) 9 month incubator program for early stage military/veteran/spouse-owned startups with full support and access to legal, financial, and business growth assets. 20+ successful milvet businesses originated or substantially grew in this space. 8: Economic Growth
9: Innovation
Veteran Small Business IRS 990
Women Vets Empowered and Thriving Provides arts workshops and community for women Veterans to help process military experiences. 3: Health and Well-Being Arts and Arts-Based Therapies IRS 990
Another Summit An outdoor adventure program that organizes and leads small groups of veterans, first responders, their families, and community members on organized hiking, backpacking, and paddling adventures in the Lower Hudson Valley of New York. 3: Health and Well-Being
15: Life on Land
Outdoors/Fitness IRS 990
Racing for Heroes Offers a variety of racing and motorsport opportunities for military, reserve/guard, and veterans - including potential employment - as well as health, wellness, and outreach connections, events, and activities. 3: Health and Well-Being
8: Economic Growth
Sports and Entertainment IRS 990
Boots & Paws Provides companion dogs - including initial and obedience training, a year of food, and a year of veterinary care, plus monthly social worker check-ins - for military, veterans, and first responders. 3: Health and Well-Being Service Animal Provider IRS 990
Challenged Athletes Foundation - Operation Rebound CAF’s Operation Rebound® program strengthens the mental and physical well-being of veterans, military personnel and first responders with permanent physical injuries by providing them opportunities to use sports and fitness to re-integrate into our communities and by empowering them through sports. 3: Health and Well-Being Outdoors/Fitness IRS 990
Operation Equine Offers mental health support through horse care and therapy 3: Health and Well-Being Holistic Mental Health IRS Letter
Arts in the Armed Forces Provides free, live performances for military and Veterans, along with their families, to encourage participation in the arts. 3: Health and Well-Being Arts and Art Based Therapies IRS 990

Thank you!