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One-year incubator program with residency; housing provided


One year incubator program and work space for Veteran and spouse-led start-ups. Provides networking opportunities, training, and advisement as well as some start-up discounts and services. Also provides housing arrangements for those Veterans who do not have other arrangements.

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Highly effective teachers which teach highly effective instruction. You will be challenging your thoughts and grow will come in many forms. The school creates, develops, and implements systems which represent the diverse needs of all APEX VFL students. NYU APEX Lab cultivates and sustains open communication and decision-making opportunities. Your success is assessed, in part, by other students’ who share their ability to help you find key instruments to solidify your plan of action.

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Veterans Future Lab (VFL) is the premiere incubator for Veteran Owned Companies across the USA. No downside here. The staff, NYU, Barclays, and all of the sponsors stand behind the incubator and the participants with no equal. The entire team works tirelessly to support their cohort at VFL, now and into the future.

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Really, the only hassle about this place is the location which is pretty far into Brooklyn and not super convenient if you live even in one of the other boroughs. I guess it would be a lot easier to take them up on the housing offer, so I get why they are pulling in folks from outside the city! It is a really sweet deal: a year of workspace with a designated desk (Bunker doesn't do that...), weekly introductions to people in the entrepreneur space both inside and outside the veteran community (another thing they do that other spaces do not), invitations and assistance around the city with their partners, and whatever other help they can give. I value the relationships built from this program, and since they stay in touch with alumni it makes it an easy choice. I would like to see them get maybe another staff member or two, so the director is not the person running around trying to fundraise, direct the classes for the veteran training program (not the same thing), lead the classes, and try to help out the 20 or so companies in the incubator, but hopefully they can sort that out and really settle into a solid rhythm. I feel like this space has the most potential to really do a lot for the veteran business community inside and outside NYC if they could just get that in place.

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