Opportunities for Providers, Programs, and Services

What Type of Resources Can Get (and Claim) a Page on Pathfinder.vet?

If you are offering services and benefits to Military, Veterans, and Milvet Spouses - or emergency services personnel - we want you on the platform. This includes:

Nonprofit organizations
Corporate/for-profit Milvet internal support networks and programs
Student Veteran clubs
Government services and benefits

A page gets you in front of more of our users: recent reviews get you bumped to our homepage, and we are integrating a way for a user to easily recommend a service or program to a friend. Once you Claim your Page(s), you will also have access to the Pathfinder Labs Back Office (more on this below) and analytics.

Another benefit to listing, getting feedback, and claiming your programs on Pathfinder? It's totally free.

Nonprofits and Foundations

Pathfinder Labs is all about engagement. Any nonprofit or foundation that operates programs that engage the community listed above can request a page on Pathfinder Labs. You will get a page for each chapter/region, as well as a listing on the Pathfinder Community app.

Corporate Programs for Military, Veteran, and MilVet Spouse Employees

Many larger companies offer mentoring, internships, and supportive programs for their Milvet employees. Why should they do this? Better community retention, employee satisfaction, and improved diversity hiring! Learn more on the Research and References page. Companies can have these programs listed on Pathfinder Labs platforms, too.

Student Veteran Programs

Military and Veteran clubs and support are offered at over 1,000 higher education schools, plus some vocational programs. Working with Student Veterans of America, we list each club so prospective students know where they will feel welcome.

Government and Other Large-Scale Service Providers

VA Facilities. Military installations and the resources located on them. City and County Departments of Veteran Services. Through our partners we are listing every benefits provider we can find. These larger-scale, area-wide programs can also obtain local trend analysis (economy, schools for dependents, needs of the nearby community, etc.) and more through the DEW Line platform integration. For more information on this, email us at hello@pathfinderlabs.com.

Note about Small Businesses

We also connect small businesses with their local Milvet community through the app only (for now). For more info and to get started, head over to the small businesses page.

The Pathfinder Back Office

Image of Pathfinder Backend

Get Started for Free: Claim Pages, Get Connected

Each program page can be claimed, and with a page claim gives access for two individuals to up their engagement with users and participants. Free. From the back office you can:

  • Update your page details and information
  • Read and respond to user feedback
  • Receive direct requests for more program info or registration
  • View basic analysis like demographics of who is leaving you feedback
  • Contact Pathfinder Labs support teams to get your upcoming events listed on our app
  • Get templates for social media, emails, newsletters, and more on asking for and responding to feedback

Why use these features?

Pathfinder Labs wants to help you recruit more participants, retain the ones you support, and raise funds for constant program improvement. And of course, we want to see how you can have a greater impact on those you serve. That's why listing, claiming, and the Back Office is all free. Plus, here's some what we've seen:

  • Asking for and responding to feedback helps raise participant confidence. Your participants want to be heard, and want to know you are listening. Claiming a page, asking for feedback, and giving a response to both positive and "needs improvement" feedback increases the likelihood you'll be viewed as engaged and even - if needed - willing to adapt. That means more engagement, more repeat clients, and more referrals towards your programs.
  • Feedback engagement is appealing to funders. Participants aren't the only ones who want to see you are listening. Studies and surveys of repeating and large-amount donors, and other funding sources, show even a less-than-stellar bit of feedback that has a response with a promise to consider and change is a positive for an organization or program.
  • The built-in outreach and recruitment effort The Military and Veteran community is tight: we tend to ask for and trust the referrals of our peers, even when that review or referral is anonymous but linked to the community. By increasing your review count and engaging for at least five minutes weekly, you'll start seeing more and more referrals come your way.

  • More information and evidence on how feedback can help non-profits and programs can be found on our Research and References page.

Do More: AI-Driven, Evidence-Based Impact Analysis (At a Custom, Affordable Rate)

We don't just use AI in the form of making better recommendations for users to find services, we use it to help you make better programs. For a customized rate that considers the size of your organization - and even at no cost to you as part of our CAPP initiative -, funding sources, and additional factors we enable every size program to get unbiased, year-round data for use in donor engagement, grant-writing, program assessments, and more. Using verified, validated methods we can help you get detailed information about participant trends, standardized measurements of your impact, all securely and with minimal time commitments needed for you and for your participants. Some examples of the interesting things we found for past clients:

  • Demographic Trends. Are your programs recruiting all of the possible participants in your area? We helped an organization in an urban setting see if their participation was reflective of the genders, ages, and ethnicities in the local Military and Veteran populations, and offered ways to potentially reach a larger and more diverse group.
  • Motivational Differences. What drives your participants to seek your services, and to come back? We looked at an outdoor program when some participants were stating they weren't getting outside often, but could not directly identify why they weren't doing so through survey questions. Our analysis found male Veterans were seeking tangible skill-building or certificates from activities, and women Veterans were looking for closesr connections with other #ladyvets. We made some suggestions for program adjustments, and more Veterans started coming back for more programming, and going outside on their own. Mission accomplished.
  • Changes in Personality. How does your program affect someone, really? We looked at a student Veteran counseling program to see if there were changes in personalities and behaviors compared to student Veterans not enrolled in one-on-one counseling. Using standardized, verified methods we discovered the counseled students were statistically more diligent, more conscientious, and less stressed than their counterparts. And now the organization had the numbers to prove it.
  • Reduced Bias. Surveys - especially about personality and motivation - can be so subjective. When you go to the doctor and they ask you to rate your pain on a scale of 1 to 10, your answer depends on your personal pain threshholds and other factors like how you want to be perceived or treated. We want to dig beyond this self-reporting bias, and helped one organization determine if their participants were regularly feeling lonely - something they didn't want to admit - so the organization could better address the issue and help participants connect.

How Does the Analysis Work?

The key is in our Natural Language Processing (NLP) systems, integrated with machine learning that lets us adjust and improve accuracy for reporting standardized and reliable metrics you can use in your impact reports. With our affordable analytics system, you'll get hands-on assistance in getting information you can't find elsewhere and using only five minutes of your participants' time. Here's how:

  1. All year, we help you ask for feedback on the Pathfinder platform. You can ask at the end of an event, periodically through the year, whatever works for your programs.
  2. We help you come up with a short - no more than 10 questions - survey that accompanies the feedback to capture important details.
  3. Our system runs constant analysis of aggregated feedback using validated NLP and other algorithms to break down the syntax, word choice, connecting words, and more to give you an in-depth, data-driven look at how your participants are doing while protecting their privacy and filtering out any bias.
  4. Quarterly, you receive a summary report with key trends in motivational patterns, metrics you need, and suggestions for quick program tweaks.
  5. At the end of the year, you receive an extended report of demographics, motivations, psychometrics, and other findings as well as strategic, operational, and tactical-level suggestions on your impact and how it might be improved

For validation and more details on NLP systems, head to our Research and References page.

Just as we customize every survey and every report, we customize price based on your program expenses and fundraising situation, or projected returns on investment. We are a social enterprise and want to make sure every program - from an organiztion training a litter of service dogs to a major corporate employee mentoring network - can afford to get data and improve. All you have to do is ask our Resource Affairs team and we will find a way to help you do more.

Get Your Analysis Funded: The Pathfinder Labs Corporate Assistance and Partnerships Program (CAPP)

Our Goal: to provide validated, unbiased data analysis for every MilVet 501c3 charitable program at no cost to the organization.

Pathfinder Labs is building financial partnerships with multiple sources to fund the analysis cycle. Through a restricted gift agreement, organizations will receive the funding to:

  • Obtain a full year of Pathfinder Labs' feedback-based impact analytics, including all reports and systems
  • Offer incentives to members of the MilVet community who provide feedback
  • Compensate engagement managers for time spent collecting and responding to feedback
  • Initiate small, suggested changes to programs to improve efficiency during the year

Pathfinder will add each organization to our list - from which donors will select the program they would like to fund - on a first-come basis. Your organization is added to the list to receive analysis and feedback funding if it:
  • Is a charitable nonprofit, approved as eligible for tax deductible donations (certified 501c3) for at least one year
  • Has at least one program dedicated to supporting the MilVet community
  • Has claimed each chapter or regional page on www.pathfinder.vet
  • Returns a signed analytics proposal to Pathfinder Labs, understanding there is no obligation unless and until funding is received

Have questions about this or anything else? Life, the universe, anything? Click below, send us an email, and we are happy to help.