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What We Do For You

Connect locally. Connecting to local benefits, services, and programs are critical to the success of military and Veteran servicemembers and their families. But you can't integrate into a community without the small businesses. With the 2021 launch of the Pathfinder Community app, we now offer a way for the storefronts to get their name in front of area milvets, and opportunities for the milvets to shop locally with owners who want to support them.

Share Offers. Offering a military community discount is a great way to get military, Veterans, and families into your business. The app makes it easy for you to list and update regular and special offers you want this population to see. You can load an offer, provide instructions about how to cash it in, and delete the offer 24/7 through a secure online portal.

Special Events. A band is coming to the bar? Your mobile food truck is going to be at a new location next week? Having a pop-up store? Share events online and we will help share the word with our users.

Data Dashboard. Want to know who is on the platform to target marketing? How about info on how your offers are doing, or what other offers look like? We have that. You can also get a list of the emails for those who redeem your offers, so you can keep up with engagement.

All only $6 a month.

What We Don't Do

There isn't much we can't do, but there are a few things we won't do:

  • We will never share your or your customers' information with others.
  • We will not ask for reviews on your business (enough sites do that).
  • We will never ask for a referral or other fee.
  • We will not raise your monthly price as long as your subscription continues.
We also don't offer advertising space, just encourage you to keep your offers fresh and updated to keep you in front of users.

We are still developing and growing, so we can't promise an immediate traffic increase. We do, however, offer a full six months free while we catch up users to your location.

Why Become a Community Partner

There are millions of military, Veterans, and families out there looking for what is offered in their community. We want to bring more of them into the local small businesses, get them off their bases and out exploring. It's healthier for them, and better for the local economy. Offering a small token in the form of a discount or an event brings you business and reminds them they are appreciated.

We partner with large organizations, university Veteran programs, corporate veteran employee support groups, and even military installations and officials in order to grow our users. Your offers and events would be visible to every user interested in services like yours in your area, so you are more likely to get their business. All for less expense in a month than one large, fancy coffee.

We want you to offer as much as you can as often as you can, too, so with us you can offer as many different discounts or events or Military Appreciation Nights a month as you want, and promote each offer individually for no additional cost. Just think: if you were creating a campaign for one event or offer that you wanted to run on one social platform, that single campaign would probably cost at least $5 a day for at least three days. Each new offer means new minimums. Being able to run simultaneous offers, as many times a month as you want, with no minimum campaign durations and complete control over your account in your hands, is a huge savings. This means you can offer more, change things up, test out different campaigns, all for the same low monthly rate is a game-changer for you and for the community.

There is another reason to become a Pathfinder Labs Community Partner: 2/3 to 3/4 of your low monthly rate goes directly back into developing and expanding our social services connection platform. That means your investment into targeted marketing helps your business while helping the Military, Veterans, and their Families in your community find mental health programs, service animals, housing and employment assistance, and much more. That's super cool.

Example of the Application using GPS to help locate an organization

Pathfinder.Vet Web Option for Online Offers

Small businesses without a storefront or mapped location, those who ship to or otherwise have a national market, and storefronts that want to also offer an online shopping option, can also increase their connection to the milvet community through the web platform.

For each review, completed profile, and other simple interactions on the website each registered user earns coins. These coins can be traded in for offers in the form of an online code like a discount or other bonus. It is an incentive for them to contribute back to their peers, and increase their exposure to online small businesses.

To share your online offer with our users, just click the button below or send an email to with your business name, website, offer details, and the offer code.

Start Your Trial

As we grow, we are offering a free six month trial to get used to the system and start making the app a habit. You can cancel anytime, no hard feelings.

So go ahead and do more. Click the button to get on and create your business account. Log in, fill in your business profile, get on the map, start listing your offers. Let our app increase your outreach each month for less than one day of social media ads.