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Offers emotional support animals and PTSD service dogs to Veterans and emergency response personnel


Operation K9 Beethoven works with Second Chance Animal Rescue in Perry, Georgia to identify shelter dogs in the area who show traits that would make them likely candidates for becoming an emotional support or PTSD service animal. Brye K9 Training Center in Carthage, NY then trains the candidates to become certified service animals for Veterans, Military, EMS, Fire, and Police who are diagnosed with PTSD and referred for a service dog via their psychologist or psychiatrist.

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I have seen what they do to help veterans and their family members and the first responders. it’s amazing.

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Operation Beethoven was there when I needed help. They rescue dogs and train them to be emotional support dogs. The trainers are excellent they are there day or night to answer all questions asked. The CEO and staff are exceptional, they are caring and want nothing more then to give a dog to every disabled veteran that needs help like I did. If your looking for a dog this is the foundation to go to. Their motto is Helping Veterans One Paw at a Time.

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Operation K9 Beethoven’s team are amazing people who want nothing more then to help Veteran’s and family members abs first responders.

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