Corporate Assistance and Partnerships Program

Thank you for your contribution. You are making mission-critical analysis accessible to all

What Pathfinder CAPP - and Your Contribution - Does for MilVet Nonprofits

Pathfinder Labs is on a mission to make unbiased, AI-driven analysis accessible to every Veteran and Military community nonprofit - from the big names with thousands of members to the tiny service dog trainers. We in the MilVet community need them all, and they need you.

Your restricted gift will help the selected nonprofit do more for all of their programs and services, including:

  • Engage with their participants through gathering feedback which is known to increase the likelihood that the provided service will be seen as effective
  • Receive quarterly assessments of how they are impacting the wellness of participants, including in areas of stress and anxiety reduction, loneliness, resilience, and more.
  • Gain AI-driven, organizational psychology-backed insights and suggestions for program improvements to have more impact on the military, veterans, and families they serve.

At the end of the year-long analysis cycle, you'll receive a summary copy of the analysis so you can see exactly what your tax-deductible gift did for the organization.

How to Send Your Gift

Step 1: Choose Your Organization

Select a nonprofit (charitable 501c3) from the list below.

These organizations are committed to improving their services through an evidence-based process, getting data-driven suggestions that will increase their operational capability, improve budget efficiency, and - most importantly - identify and meet their participants' needs. All they need is the funds to get started.

You can learn more about the organization, including their feedback, by clicking on the organization name.

NOTE: You can send a portion of the identified amounts; we will update the Total Needed column until the full gift is reached.

ALSO NOTE: You can also send more than the identified amount, we just ask that you complete the agreement (see Step 2) for only what is requested so the remaining amount can be unrestricted. You know, for the nonprofit's tax reporting and accountability and all that!

Organization Name Mission Description Org Donation Contact Amount Needed Category
De-Cruit Provides Shakespearian theater activities - including training and performance - which is research-proven for reducing stress, anxiety, and increasing interaction and socialization for Veterans and military. Dawn Stern
$10,000 Arts and Arts-Based Therapies
Operation K9 Beethoven Offers fully trained service animals- shelter rescues- for military veterans with psychologist recommendation for a PTSD service dog. Arpad Kertesz
$5,000 Service Animal Provider
NYU Veteran Future Labs - Veteran Entrepreneurship Training Program (501c3) Offers 3 stages of multi-week, formal training based on the status of the military/veteran/spouse-owned startup, along with access to thousands of dollars worth of startup consulting, legal, and financial fees. Alexa Modero
(Program Director)
$25,000 Veteran Small Business
NYU Veteran Future Labs - Veteran Apex Incubator (501c3) 9 month incubator program for early stage military/veteran/spouse-owned startups with full support and access to legal, financial, and business growth assets. 20+ successful milvet businesses originated or substantially grew in this space. Alexa Modero
(Program Director)
$15,000 Veteran Small Business
Women Vets Empowered and Thriving Provides arts workshops and community for women Veterans to help process military experiences. Jenny Pacanowski
(Executive Director)
$5,000 Arts and Arts-Based Therapies

Step 2: Download and Complete the Restricted Gift Agreement

Because the organization is using your gift for feedback collection and analysis, a quick agreement letter is needed. The nonprofits are expecting it!

We templated the document for you, so it should take less than a minute to fill out.

Step 3: Coordinate Your Gift

Email the Restricted Gift Agreement to the organization Point of Contact by clicking their name in the chart above, who will provide details on where and how to send your gift, as well as coordinate appropriate tax deduction documents.

NOTE: Clicking the link above will create an email for you that includes the Pathfinder CEO in the BCC line. If your email server does not allow you to create the email automatically, please BCC when sending your letter. This step is crucial for us to keep track of the donation process by removing your chosen nonprofit and allowing remaining unfunded organizations to move up the list.

We will never store, transfer, or otherwise transmit your information, nor add you to any contact lists.

Step 4: That's it!

If you have any questions or would like more intormation, please send us a note.

And, of course, Thank You.